Let's check the weather

"Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get."

Mark Twain

Live Webcam

Check live the weather from our beach

Check <strong>live</strong> the weather from our beach

Wind conditions

Windy or not ?

Have a look on the Buienradar

The Buienradar is an orbiting weather or grain radar. It is designed to detect and observe precipitation inside and outside the clouds.
It is difficult to do without the Buienradar in Belgium. Indeed, getting information about weather conditions is probably a national sport, as it happens regularly that showers are complex to determine, even in the near future. With this radar, the progression of threatening clouds can be followed with a projection in the next few minutes.

As the tides roll in Au fil des marrées

Knowledge of tides is important as the water can move in and out during the day, rips or underwater currents can be a factor on some coastlines. The kite comes with safety systems. It's a must to understand how to deploy these in different circumstances and how to check they are working before launch.

Download tides 'schedule

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